In the era of corporate social responsibility and 24-hour news cycles, managing the reputation of your organization has become more critical than ever.

Twenty years ago, there were only a few ways for your target audience to communicate with you.

Today, the multitude of two-way communications channels can make managing your professional image difficult and getting your messaging heard above the noise nearly impossible.

These are the things that Z Corp does for its clients daily.

From our public relations roots, we adhere to industry best practices and have a thorough understanding of successful business principles. We’re also experts in brand discipline. Layered on that, we deliver digital marketing, smart social, creative content, editorial support, business development, SEO and more.

Public Relations

Public relations, corporate relations, media relations, trade shows/conferences, marketing materials, crisis management, editorial support, government relations, advertising, video/photography, branding

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising, social media management, website design and content, SEO, AdWords

Business Development

Growth, lead generation, franchise development, customer acquisition

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